Patri Menu

New Delhi Station

New Delhi is the Capital of India and the birth place of butter chicken. Culturally diverse and heavily influenced by the Mughali cuisine, Old Delhi is the home of tender kebabs, sensational curries as well as a variety of chaats.

Vegan Street Food

Old Delhi Pani Puri Bombs(4 pcs) 6.50
(6 pcs) 8.50
Crispy wheat balls filled with chick peas and boiled potato and topped with tangy, hot, spicy and refreshing mint water.
Chatpati Aloo Tikki Chaat8.50
Two Stuffed Spicy Potato Patties served on a bed of boiled chickpeas drizzled with tangy lemon, cucumber,onions, tomato and pomegranate and topped with tamarind and mint chutney
Punjabi Vegan Samosa Chaat8.50
Jumbo Samosa stuffed with cumin, coriander, peas and potato drizzle with spicy mint, tamarind, mango chutney on a bed of spicy chickpeas, kachumber, coriander and pomegranate.
2021 Vegan Boyfriend Chaat(4 pcs) 7.50
(6 pcs) 9.95
Patri’s version of the signature batata puri, crispy spicy wheat flour discs topped with vermicelli and potato then topped with our signature yoghurt, mango and tamarind chutney, coriander lemon and pomegranate.
2021 Vegan Spicy Girlfriend Chaat(4 pcs) 8.25
The latest version of our spiciest chaat, crispy spicy wheat flour discs topped with potato,green chilli,melody of chutneys and hot red chilly powder. Keep a mango lassi or pint of beer handy.

Signature Vegetarian Street Food

Crispy Kale Pakora Chaat8.50
Crispy fritters made by flash frying kale in special spices and served on a bed of sweet potato fries topped with kachumber, sweet yoghurt and chaat masala.
Hakka Chilli Cheese Bombs8.95
Special Signature Indo-Chinese chilli sauce tossed over spiced jalapeno and cheese balls with chilli filling for a kicking starter.
Bhalle Balle Chaat8.95
With its origin dating back to 500 BC, this chaat is the life of all wedding receptions in India. It is prepared by soaking wheat balls in thick yoghurt topped with kachumber, cumin powder and tamarind chutney to give a sweet and tangy taste.
Love Nest Chaat10.00
Our version of Aloo Tokri Chaat is made with grated King Edward potatoes which are assembled together in the shape of a bird’s best-using mesh tea strainer. Filled with curried chickpeas, boiled potato, the melody of chutneys, vermicelli, pomegranate and rosewater infused mango puree.
Raj Kachori10.95
Handmade giant wheat ball filled with spicy chickpeas and assorted vegetarian savouries , vegetable pakora or stuffed patty of the day topped with melody of chutneys. This is known as the King of Chaat’s and a real treat.

Signature Grill

Paneer Tikka Khurchan(3 pcs) 8.50
(4 pcs) 10.50
Indian Cottage cheese is cut into squares and then marinated in yoghurt, spices, mustard oil and chilly pickle. The result is a tenderised grilled vegetarian delight topped with chaat masala.
Murgh Malai Tikka(3 pcs) 8.95
(4 pcs) 10.95
Supreme Chicken breast in marinated in yoghurt, cream and cheese, delciately spiced with cardomon, mace and nutmeg, cooked in the tandoor for a juicy starter.
Nawabi Seekh Kebab(3 pcs) 8.95
(4 pcs) 10.95
Triple Minced Spring Lamb Mince is marinated using chef’s spice mix cooked over hot coal for firm and juicy texture and topped with our special meat gravy and masala kachumber. A princely lamb starter served Delhi street style.
Tandoori ChickenHalf 9.95
Full 14.95
Whole Baby Chicken intricately marinated in aromatic spices and yogurt overnight and cooked in our clay oven to achieve tenderness sprinkled with our homemade chat masala.
Railway Mix GrillFor 1: 12.95
For 2 : 24.50
For 3 : 34.95
Chef’s Selection of Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Wings, Malai Chicken Tikka, Lamb Seekh Kebab and Paneer Tikka cooked in our clay oven tandoor, tossed in cream and butter and topped up with Chaat Masala. Served with our signature Hot Makhani Sauce or Chutneys to pour over the hot tikkas.

Spicy Street Bites

Malabar Crab Balls(3 pcs) 7.95
Handmade Crab Meat and Potato Balls are mixed with mustard seeds and curry leaf and stuffed with coastal spices and gently fried over low heat. Kerela is regarded as paradise on earth and this starter is a classic from our chef’s village in the backwaters.
Gunpowder Pop Corn Chicken7.95
Crispy Chicken marinated with Gunpowder and quickly flash fried for crispiness and served with chilli sauce
Tandoori Chicken Wings(6 pcs) 7.95
(10 pcs) 12.95
Mixed Mid and Prime Chicken Wings marinated in tandoori masala, yoghurt , marinated overnight and cooked in our tandoor. Served with fresh mint chutney
Amritsari Fish Fry(6pcs) 9.95
This appetiser is popular in the streets of Amritsar. Marinated with the aromatic spices and gram flour, the fish pieces are deep fried until golden and crisp. Topped with our signature Chaat Masala.
Hakka Chilli Wok FryCrispy Paneer 9.95
Chilli Chicken: 9.95
Special Signature Indo-Chinese Chilli Sauce tossed over protein of choice and crispy peppers for a tangy and spicy street classic.

Old Delhi Meat Classics

Puneet’s Dhaba Chicken CurryHalf 12.50
Full 12.50
Our Chef Patron’s delicious, spicy and fragrant spicy chicken curry inspired by local dhaba’s; local roadside restaurants on the highways made Patri style with warming spices. A real nostalgic treat!
The Secret Chicken CurryHalf 4 pcs 13.95
Full 8 pcs 16.95
Paying Homage to the Sindhi community who migrated to India from Pakistan in 1947, every Sindhi home has its secret recipe which is passed down by the mothers. Full chicken on the bone cooked with cardamom and whole spices to create a light gravy and topped up with ginger and coriander.
Cinnamon Chicken SaagHalf 4 pcs 13.95
Full 8 pcs 16.95
Lean Boneless Chicken Leg Meat is stir fried with Ginger, Garlic, Loads of Cinnamon, Turmeric and mixed with Spinach, Cumin, Coriander to create a warming chicken
Murgh Makhani AKA Butter Chicken
Half with Bone 13.95
Full with Bone 16.95
Half Boneless 15.95
Full Boneless 18.95
Chef’s signature preparation with smoky tandoori chicken simmered in a tomato cashew nut and butter sauce, topped with fenugreek, honey and ginger julienne
Signature Shahi Apricot Chicken MasalaHalf 14.95
Full 17.95
Royal sauce preparation of cashewnut, almonds, saffron and nutmeg served with soft chicken tikka for a mild creamy yet flavoursome curry

Tandoori Roti2.75
Whole Wheat flatbread prepared traditionally in the tandoor to a crispy finish.
Simple Garlic Naan3.50
Chopped Green Chilli sprinkled over
Steam Rice2.95
Perfectly fluffy steamed rice topped with a hint of turmeric and coriander.
Jeera Pilau Rice3.50
Grand Tilda superior basmati rice is topped with tempered cumin seeds and turmeric.

*Prices and Menu on 3rd party delivery platforms may vary from our inhouse dining menu*

Chef’s Specials

Chef Special Tasting Thali
Vegan Thali 24.95
Vegetarian Thali 25.95
Mixed Thali 26.95
All Meat 32.95
Seafood 36.95
A complete meal as served on Indian trains with chef’s daily selection of tandoori starter, 2 mini pots of curries, daal and vegetable of the day mini pots with rice and naan. Suitable for 1-2 medium hungry curry lovers.

Kids Menu

Crispy Chicken and Chips4.50
Chicken Thigh Nuggets are flash-fried with a simple coating and served with julienne fries.
Kids Daal and Rice4.95
Five Super Lentils simply boiled in healing turmeric and gently spiced , served with rice
Kids Chicken and Rice6.50
Non Spicy Creamy Chicken breast sliced and served with rice.
Kids Mac and Cheese Balls with Chips5.95
Macaroni pasta and cheese in a crispy breadcrumb coating served with skinny fries and kachumber salad.
Kids Thali of the DayVeg 9.95
Non Veg 9.95
Steamed Rice, Chicken Tikka or Daal of the Day, Sweet Potato Fries, Mini Naan and Juice.

Saffron Gulab Jamun4.50
Chocolate Samosa with Ice Cream5.95
Carrot Samosa with Ice Cream5.95
Chef’s Vegan Dessert of the Day5.95
Puneet’s Special Fruit Cream5.50
Kulfi of the day (Mango/Malai)3.50