Patri Food

The Indian Railways, first established during the British Raj, operates more than 7,000+ trains every day, carrying over 20,000 passengers on both long distance and suburban railway tracks or ‘Patri’.

New Delhi Station

New Delhi is the Capital of India and the birth place of butter chicken. Culturally diverse and heavily influenced by the Mughali cuisine, Old Delhi is the home of tender kebabs, sensational curries as well as a variety of chaats.

Street Food

Old Delhi Pani Puri Bombs4.95
Crispy wheat balls filled with chick peas and boiled potato and topped with tangy, hot, spicy and refreshing mint water. (4pcs)
Chatpati Aloo Tikki Chaat6.95
Two Stuffed Spicy Potato Patties served on a bed of boiled chickpeas drizzled with tangy lemon, vinegar onions, tomato and pomegranate and topped with tamarind and mint chutney.
Ram Ladoo Chaat7.75
Mouthwatering savory chana and moong lentil pakoras are flash fried for crispiness and then topped with pungent raddish and duo of chutneys including mint and mango to tantalise.


Nawabi Seekh Kebab6.50
Medium triple minced skewers marinated using chef’s secret spice and herb mix, cooked over hot coal and served with melody of chutneys and masala kachumber. A princely lamb starter.
Achari Malai Paneer Tikka7.95
Indian cottage cheese is cut into squares and marinated in yoghurt, spices mustard oil and spicy chilli pickle. The tenderised paneer is roasted in the tandoor and topped with cream and chat masala.
Murgh Malai Tikka7.95
Bite size pieces of chicken cooked in a creamy marinade with yoghurt, cheese, ginger, garlic and chilli served with pickled onions, lemon wedges and sprinkled with spicy chat masala.


Pantry Chicken Curry10.95
A simple preparation of onions, tomatoes cooked fast and furious style inspired by the moving express trains and simmered with yoghurt, masalas and coriander for a simple yet delicious curry.
Murgh Makhani13.50
Chef's Signature Butter Chicken on the bone, marinated chicken is first part cooked in the tandoor, our clay oven and then the slices are gently cooked in buttery tomato cashew nut gravy topped with fenugreek honey and coriander.
Rara Ghost Lal Mirch14.95
Tender Pieces of Lamb stewed slowly with Lamb Mince with whole spices to form a rich and spicy gravy which is perfect on a cold wintry night.


Bedmi Aloo6.95
The quintessential roadside curry for the soul, spicy and tangy potato curry reduced in a tango tomato masala and coriander.
Lasuni Chole Palak6.95
Burnt Garlic is stir fried with Spicy Chickpeas and Loose Spinach to create a healthy pick me up curry.
Daal Makhani8.50
Slow cooked black lentils are cooked overnight on the tandoor and then stirred for 8 hours in butter and tomato sauce. Before serving our head chef gives it a tadka of dry roasted spices and cream.

Calcutta Junction

Calcutta is the capital of India’s West Bengal state.Founded as an East India Company trading post, it was India’s capital under the British Raj from 1773–1911.Today it’s known for its grand colonial architecture, art galleries, food and cultural festivals. It’s also home to Mother House, headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity.

Street Food

Boyfriend Chaat6.50
Patri’s version of the signature batata puri, crispy spicy wheat flour discs topped with vermicelli and potato then topped with our signature yoghurt, mango and tamarind chutney, coriander lemon and pomegranate.
Ghugni Chaat6.50
Boiled hot peas are added to a small leaf bowl, mixed with tomatoes, onions, cucumber, coriander , tamarind water, and lime juice mixed with dry masalas and served with a wooden spoon.
Shinghara Samosa Chaat7.75
peas and potato drizzle with spicy mint, tamarind, mango chutney on a bed of spicy chickpeas, kachumber, coriander and pomegranate.


Bengali Jhal Muri6.95
Puffed Rice, Papdi Discs, Spicy Indian Namkeen Mix with diced potatoes, chick peas, onions, cucumber, vermicelli is topped with drop of mustard oil , ginger julienne, tamarind and coriander.
Bappa Hakka6.95
Bappa Means " Brave Father " and this dish is the big daddy of Hakka Cuisine. Spicy Indo-Chinese sauce quickly wok tossed in mixed peppers and topped with spring onion, coriander and a dash of dark soy sauce.
Telebhaja Kale Chaat7.95
Literally meaning 'fried goodness' telebhaja is a finger-licking Bengali snack sold at almost every street corner of the city. These light and crispy fritters made with gram flour and served on a bed of sweet potato fries topped with kachumber, pomegrante and chaat masala.


Radhuni Chicken10.95
Right combinations of chilli, turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek etc. for the authentic taste of the east, this is a simple yet flavoursome lip smacking chicken curry topped with bayleaf.
Mangsher Jhol14.95
Bengali kitchen classic preparation of mutton slow cooked over low flame in mustard oil and softened boiled potatoes . A family that eats together stays together is the sharing soul of this curry.
Nizami Safed Maas10.50
Celebratory Grand Curry with gentle spices blended with almond and cashew nut paste and softened with cream and milk to deliver a mild luscious texture in royal white color.


Aloo Posto5.95
Gently spiced baby potatoes made in mustard sauce, poppy seeds topped with fenugreek. Sometimes the simplest of ingredients produces a fantastic gem of a dish which one savours for years to come.
Panch Pooran Daal7.95
Panch Phoron “five spices.” It is a spice blend of cumin, mustard, fenugreek, nigella and fennel mixed with assortment of lentils , topped with coriander and tempered gently to produce a powerful protein powerhouse.
Koraishuti Makhani7.95
Our take on an absolute classic, soft croquettes stuffed with a filling of mildly hing-infused green peas or 'koraishuti' and spinach on a bed of rich butter tomato cashew nut and fenugreek sauce.

Train Specials

The Railway Mix Grill23.95
Half Tandoori Chicken, One Lamb Seekh Kebab, Two Malai Tikka's, Two Paneer Tikka's cooked in the tandoor and then finished on the angeethi-Perfect for sharing for 2 people
Chef's Special Thali of the Day22.95
A complete meal as served on Indian trains Chef's Daily Selection of Tandoori Starter, Chicken Curry, Daal and Vegetable with Rice and Naan. Priced per person. Veg 19.95

City Specials

Masala Iced Karma Soda4.50
East meets West in this dark refreshing drink made using organic cola mixed with tangy chaat masala and black salt for a unforgettable love me tease me twist of favours
Masala Papad3.50
Assorted Mini Poppadoms served with Spicy Kachumber and Chutneys.
Nimbu Lemon Soda4.50
When the temperatures exceed 40 degrees in Delhi this thirst quencher delivers instant hydration. Zesty Lemon is shaken with our signature chaat masala and Himalayan salt and topped with soda and mint.
Kesari Mango Lassi4.50
A must have simple mix of yoghurt, sugar and saffron to create a thick and creamy summer drink. Your journey to the famous city is not complete without one.

Tandoori Roti2.50
Whole Wheat flatbread prepared traditionally in the tandoor to a crispy finish.
Simple Garlic Naan3.50
Chopped Green Chilli sprinkled over
Butter Naan3.25
North-Indian style f lat bread made with maida, Indian refined flour which is quickly baked in the tandoor and topped with nigella seeds, coriander and unsalted butter.
Steam Rice2.95
Perfectly fluffy steamed rice topped with a hint of turmeric and coriander.
Jeera Pilau Rice3.50
Grand Tilda superior basmati rice is topped with tempered cumin seeds and turmeric.

*Prices and Menu on 3rd party delivery platforms may vary from our inhouse dining menu*