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New Delhi Station

New Delhi is the Capital of India and the birth place of butter chicken. Culturally diverse and heavily influenced by the Mughali cuisine, Old Delhi is the home of tender kebabs, sensational curries as well as a variety of chaats.

Vegan Street Food

Old Delhi Pani Puri Bombs(4 pcs) 6.00
(6 pcs) 8.00
Crispy wheat balls filled with chick peas and boiled potato and topped with tangy, hot, spicy and refreshing mint water.
Chatpati Aloo Tikki Chaat7.95
Two Stuffed Spicy Potato Patties served on a bed of boiled chickpeas drizzled with tangy lemon, vinegar onions, tomato and pomegranate and topped with tamarind and mint chutney.
Punjabi Vegan Samosa Chaat7.95
Jumbo Samosa stuffed with cumin, coriander, peas and potato drizzle with spicy mint, tamarind, mango chutney on a bed of spicy chickpeas, kachumber, coriander and pomegranate.
2021 Girlfriend Chaat(4 pcs) 6.95
(6 pcs) 9.95
The latest version of our spiciest chaat, crispy spicy wheat flour discs topped with potato,green chilli,melody of chutneys and hot red chilly powder. Keep a mango lassi or pint of beer handy.

Signature Vegetarian Chaat Bhandar

2021 New Boyfriend Chaat(4pcs) 6.95
(6 pcs) 9.95
Patri’s version of the signature batata puri, crispy spicy wheat flour discs topped with vermicelli and potato then topped with our signature yoghurt, mango and tamarind chutney, coriander lemon and pomegranate
Crispy Kale Pakora Chaat8.25
Crispy fritters made by flash frying kale in special spices and served on a bed of sweet potato fries topped with kachumber, sweet yoghurt and chaat masala.
Love Nest Chaat9.95
Our version of Aloo Tokri Chaat is made with grated King Edward potatoes which are assembled together in the shape of a bird’s best-using mesh tea strainer. Filled with curried chickpeas, boiled potato, the melody of chutneys, vermicelli, pomegranate and rosewater infused mango puree.
Special Raj Kachori12.95
Mouthwatering savory chana and moong lentil pakoras are stuffed in a large wheatball and filled with chef’s special vegetable mix and topped with melody of chutneys and coriander. This is known as the King of Chaat’s and a real treat.

Kebabs From Our Grill

Murgh Malai Tikka(3 pcs) 8.50
(4 pcs) 10.50
Supreme Chicken breast in marinated in yoghurt, cream and cheese, delciately spiced with cardomon, mace and nutmeg, cooked in the tandoor for a juicy starter.
Nawabi Seekh Kebab(3 pcs) 8.50
(4 pcs) 10.50
Triple Minced Spring Lamb Mince is marinated using chef’s spice mix cooked over hot coal for firm and juicy texture and topped with masala kachumber. A princely lamb starter served Delhi street style.
Tandoori Chicken(4 pcs) 9.95
(8 pcs) 14.95
Whole Baby Chicken intricately marinated in aromatic spices and yogurt overnight and cooked in our clay oven to achieve tenderness sprinkled with our homemade chat masala.
Tandoori Chicken Wings(6 pcs) 9.95
(10pcs) 14.95
Chicken wings intricately marinated in aromatic spices and yogurt overnight and cooked in our clay oven to achieve tenderness sprinkled with our homemade chat masala.

Old Delhi Meat Classics

Puneet’s Dhaba Chicken CurryHalf 11.95
Full 14.95
Our Chef Patron’s delicious, spicy and fragrant spicy chicken curry inspired by local dhaba’s; local roadside restaurants on the highways made Patri style with warming spices. A real nostalgic treat!
Pantry Chicken CurryHalf 11.95
Full 14.95
A simple preparation of onions, tomatoes cooked fast and furious style inspired by the moving express trains and simmered with yoghurt, masalas and coriander for a simple yet delicious curry.
Murgh Makhani AKA Butter ChickenHalf 12.95
Full 15.50
Half Boneless 14.95
Full Boneless 18.50
Chef’s signature preparation with smoky tandoori chicken simmered in a tomato cashewnut and butter sauce, topped with fenugreek, honey and ginger julienne.
Shahi Lal Maas - AKA World’s Most Tender Lamb CurryHalf 18.95
Full 22.95
Royal Preparation of tender lamb slowed cooked to create a fiery spicy red curry made with chilli and garlic for official ceremonies of the Rajputana. The signature meat curry of Rajasthan royals cooked Delhi style.

Mom’s Signature
Vegetarian Selection

Lasuni PalakAloo Methi 7.95
Masala Chana 8.50
Paneer Tikka 9.50
Burnt Garlic stir fried with loose leaf spinach and tempered with masala and topped with vegetable of choice for a healthy pick me up curry.
Bedmi Aloo7.95
The quintessential roadside curry for the soul, spicy and tangy potato curry reduced in a tango tomato masala and coriander.
Panch Pooran DaalQuarter 7.95
Half 8.50
Full 11.50
Panch Phoron “five spices.” It is a spice blend of cumin, mustard, fenugreek, nigella and fennel mixed with assortment of lentils , topped with coriander and tempered gently to produce a powerful protein powerhouse
Daal MakhaniQuarter 8.50
Half 10.50
Full 13.50
Slow cooked black lentils are cooked overnight on the tandoor and then stirred for 8 hours in butter and tomato sauce. Before serving our head chef gives it a tadka of dry roasted spices and cream.
Paneer Tikka MakhaniQuarter 8.50
Half 10.50
Full 13.50
Succulent chargrilled cottage cheese cubes in a smooth sauce of tomatoes cashew nuts and cream, which is lightly spiced with a hint of chilli and balanced with honey and finished with cream.
Puneet’s Bhaingan Ka BhartaQuarter 8.50
Half 10.50
Full 13.50
Smokey roasted eggplant mash with Indian spices and peas, this is quintessentially Punjab on a plate
Chef’s Special Veg MoileeHalf 11.50
Full 14.95
A light fragrant and utterly delicious South Indian curry with fresh curry leaves, mustard, and coconut milk with vegetables
Hakka Chilli Wok FryCrispy Paneer 10.50
Cheese Bombs 11.50
Special signature Indo-Chinese chilli sauce tossed to perfection

Tandoori Roti2.75
Whole Wheat flatbread prepared traditionally in the tandoor to a crispy finish.
Simple Garlic Naan3.50
Chopped Green Chilli sprinkled over
Masala Popadums3.50
Simple Crushed Poppadom Box with Mint Chutney
India House Salad4.50
Sliced Onion, Green Chilli, Lemon, Coriander and Chopped Tomatoes and Cucumber on a plate to accompany our mains
Butter Naan3.25
North-Indian style f lat bread made with maida, Indian refined flour which is quickly baked in the tandoor and topped with nigella seeds, coriander and unsalted butter.
Steam Rice2.95
Perfectly fluffy steamed rice topped with a hint of turmeric and coriander.
Chilli Naan3.50
Jeera Pilau Rice3.50

*Prices and Menu on 3rd party delivery platforms may vary from our inhouse dining menu*

Limited Edition Menu

Amritsari Fish Fry9.95
This appetiser is popular in the streets of Amritsar. Marinated with the aromatic spices and gram flour, the fish pieces are deep fried until golden and crisp. Topped with our signature Chaat Masala. Cooked the proper way as sold on the bylanes of Amritsar
Patri Special BhelpuriTropical Mango 7.95
Spicy Seafood 10.95
Puffed Rice, Papdi Discs, Spicy Indian Namkeen Mix with diced potatoes, chickpeas, onions, cucumber, vermicelli is topped with lime, ginger julienne, tamarind and coriander.
Railway Mix Grill24.95
Half Tandoori Chicken, One Lamb Seekh Kebab, Two Malai Tikka's, Two Paneer Tikka's cooked in the tandoor and then finished on the angeethi-Perfect for sharing for 2 people
Thumka BiryaniVeg 10.50
Chicken 13.50
Tender Lamb 15.95
Coconut Prawns 16.95
Thumka means Jerk, using Supreme Basmati Rice we make a fast and furious Biryani at high flame using our “Jerk” style of cooking. Served with Raita and Kachumber.
Apricot Chicken Curry(Half) 16.95
(Full) 19.95
Our Chef’s Signature Chicken Curry on the bone, slow-cooked with apricots, almonds and cashew nuts for a mild creamy yet flavour some hearty bowl to share as a family
King Prawn MoileeHalf 16.95
Full 19.95
A light, fragrant and utterly delicious SouthIndian style curry, packed with juicy prawns and tempered with coconut milk.
Chef’s Special Thali of the DayVegan Thali 24.95
Vegetarian Thali 25.95
Mixed Thali 26.95
All Meat 32.95
Sea Food 36.95
A complete meal as served on Indian trains with chef’s daily selection of tandoori starter, 2 mini pots of curries, daal and vegetable of the day mini pots with rice and naan. Suitable for 1-2 medium hungry curry lovers.

Kids Bachaas

Aloo Paratha w/ Raita5.95
Roti stuffed with potato, lightly spiced with garam masala. The paratha comes with a raita to dip it in.
Turmeric Daal and Rice5.95
Simple Power Lunch of Boiled Lentils and Steamed Rice for the toddlers served with sweet or normal yoghurt
Kids Veg Thali9.95
Mild Cumin and Turmeric Potato or Dal of the Day with sweet potato fries with a mini naan, rice and juice
Kids Non Veg Thali9.95
Malai Chicken Tikka, Sweet Potato Fries with mini naan, rice and juice

Drinks & Dessert

Kulfi StickMalai Cream 3.50
Mango 3.50
Pistachios 3.5
Famous delicious dairy-based dessert is similar to a milky lolly, which is made using rich British milk and is creamier and smooth and stirred with artisanal flavourings. Adored at Patri by Kids and Adults.
Gulab Jamun3 Pcs 4.50
Sweet dough balls made with evaporated milk solids, rose water, saffron and nuts.
Chocolate Samosa4.95
3 x Belgian Callebaut Samosas, the Chocolate Filling is a sweet variation to India’s most popular snack and is perfect to satiate your sugar craving after a curry or chaat.
Gajjar Walla Halwa Samosa5.50
3 pcs, Carrot Halwa is a traditional dessert made by slow cooking carrots in milk similar to a warm carrot pudding then gently spiced rolled into pastry and shape of a samosa.
Chef’s Special Rasmalai4.95