Patri Food

The Indian Railways, first established during the British Raj, operates more than 7,000+ trains every day, carrying over 20,000 passengers on both long distance and suburban railway tracks or ‘Patri’.

New Delhi Station

New Delhi is the Capital of India and the birth place of butter chicken. Culturally diverse and heavily influenced by the Mughali cuisine, Old Delhi is the home of tender kebabs, sensational curries as well as a variety of chaats.

Vegan Street Food

Old Delhi Pani Puri Bombs(4 pcs) 5.50
(6 pcs) 7.50
Crispy wheat balls filled with chick peas and boiled potato and topped with tangy, hot, spicy and refreshing mint water.
Chatpati Aloo Tikki Chaat7.50
Two Stuffed Spicy Potato Patties served on a bed of boiled chickpeas drizzled with tangy lemon, vinegar onions, tomato and pomegranate and topped with tamarind and mint chutney.
Ram Ladoo Chaat7.75
Mouthwatering savory chana and moong lentil pakoras are flash fried for crispiness and then topped with pungent raddish and duo of chutneys including mint and mango to tantalise.
Punjabi Samosa Chaat7.75
Jumbo Samosa stuffed with cumin, coriander, peas and potato drizzle with spicy mint, tamarind, mango chutney on a bed of spicy chickpeas, kachumber, coriander and pomegranate.

Signature Chaat Bhandar

Boyfriend Chaat6.50
Patri’s version of the signature batata puri, crispy spicy wheat flour discs topped with vermicelli and potato then topped with our signature yoghurt, mango and tamarind chutney, coriander lemon and pomegranate
Crispy Kale Pakora Chaat(Cripsy Chicken) 7.95
(Crispy Kale) 6.95
Crispy Fritters made by flash frying Kale in specials special spices and served on a bed of sweet potato fries topped with kachumber, sweet yoghurt and chaat masala
Paneer Tikka Khurchan(3 pcs) 8.50
(4 pcs) 10.50
Indian Cottage cheese is cut into squares and then marinated in yoghurt, spices, mustard oil and chilly pickle. The result is a tenderised grilled vegetarian delight topped with chaat masala.
Special Raj Kachori9.95
Mouthwatering savory chana and moong lentil pakoras are stuffed in a large wheatball and filled with chef’s special vegetable mix and topped with melody of chutneys and coriander. This is known as the King of Chaat’s and a real treat.


Galawati Shammi Kebab(3 pcs) 8.75
(4 pcs) 10.95
Supreme Meat Mince is tenderized with raw papaya and mixed with our special spice mix and rose water to create soft pan fried patties. This dish was originally created in Lucknow for meat loving toothless emperor.
Murgh Malai Tikka(3 pcs) 8.50
(4 pcs) 10.50
Supreme Chicken breast in marinated in yoghurt, cream and cheese, delciately spiced with cardomon, mace and nutmeg, cooked in the tandoor for a juicy starter.
Seekh Kebab Tariwala(3 pcs) 8.50
(4 pcs) 10.50
Triple Minced Spring Lamb Mince is marinated using chef’s spice mix cooked over hot coal for firm and juicy texture and topped with our special meat gravy and masala kachumber. A princely lamb starter served Delhi street style.
Tandoori Chicken(4 pcs) 9.95
(8 pcs) 14.95
Whole Baby Chicken intricately marinated in aromatic spices and yogurt overnight and cooked in our clay oven to achieve tenderness sprinkled with our homemade chat masala.

Old Delhi Meat Classics

Pantry Chicken CurryHalf 10.95
Full 14.95
A simple preparation of onions, tomatoes cooked fast and furious style inspired by the moving express trains and simmered with yoghurt, masalas and coriander for a simple yet delicious curry
Murgh MakhaniHalf 11.50 | Full 14.95
Half Boneless 13.50 | Full Boneless 17.50
Chef’s Signature preparation with smoky tandoori chicken simmered in a tomato cashewnut and butter sauce, topped with fenugreek, honey and ginger julienne.
Mutton IshtuHalf 12.95
Full 16.95
This classic Mughlai Mutton Stew preparation is a royal, delicious assemblage of fine flavours brewed with mutton and spices. Deep warmth spreads through the winter as en elixir showcasing our mastery of curry cooking.
Rara Ghost Lal MirchHalf 14.95
Full 18.95
Select Lamb Shank pieces cooked with lamb mince, whole spices to form a rich and spicy gravy which is perfect for a cold wintery night.

Mom’s Signature
Vegetarian Selection

Bedmi Aloo6.95
The quintessential roadside curry for the soul, spicy and tangy potato curry reduced in a tango tomato masala and coriander.
Lasuni Chole PalakAloo Methi 6.50
Masala Chana 6.95
Paneer Tikka 8.50
Burnt Garlic is stir fried with Spicy Chickpeas and Loose Spinach to create a healthy pick me up curry.
Panch Pooran DaalQuarter 7.95
Half 8.50
Full 11.50
Panch Phoron “five spices.” It is a spice blend of cumin, mustard, fenugreek, nigella and fennel mixed with assortment of lentils , topped with coriander and tempered gently to produce a powerful protein powerhouse
Daal MakhaniQuarter 8.50
Half 10.50
Full 13.50
Slow cooked black lentils are cooked overnight on the tandoor and then stirred for 8 hours in butter and tomato sauce. Before serving our head chef gives it a tadka of dry roasted spices and cream.

Tandoori Roti2.50
Whole Wheat flatbread prepared traditionally in the tandoor to a crispy finish.
Simple Garlic Naan3.50
Chopped Green Chilli sprinkled over
Butter Naan3.25
North-Indian style f lat bread made with maida, Indian refined flour which is quickly baked in the tandoor and topped with nigella seeds, coriander and unsalted butter.
Steam Rice2.95
Perfectly fluffy steamed rice topped with a hint of turmeric and coriander.
Jeera Pilau Rice3.50
Grand Tilda superior basmati rice is topped with tempered cumin seeds and turmeric.

*Prices and Menu on 3rd party delivery platforms may vary from our inhouse dining menu*

Train Specials

The Railway Mix Grill23.95
Half Tandoori Chicken, One Lamb Seekh Kebab, Two Malai Tikka's, Two Paneer Tikka's cooked in the tandoor and then finished on the angeethi-Perfect for sharing for 2 people
Chef's Special Thali of the Day(Veg Thali) 21.95
(NonVeg Thali) 23.95
( Add Extra Bowl of any Veg Curry) 3.50
(Add Extra Bowl of any Meat Curry) 4.50
A complete meal as served on Indian Trains, Chef;s Daily selection of Tandoori Starter, Chicken and Mutton Curries, Daal and Vegetable of the Day with Rice and Naan

Kids Bachaas

Pop Corn Chicken and Chips6.50
Non Spicy Chicken breast , flash fried with simple coating and served with fries and juice
Non Veg Thali10.50
Malai Chicken Tikka, Sweet Potato Fries with mini naan, rice and juice

Drinks & Dessert

Mango Lassi4.50
A must have simple mix of yoghurt, sugar and saffron to create a thick and creamy summer drink. Your journey to the famous city is not complete without one.
with mini naan, rice and juice Kulfi Choice of Mango/Malai/Pista
Vegan Dessert of the Day5.95
Please ask the server for the artisan special of the day from our cafe