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Experience Artisan Chaats Kebabs and Curries and Make Your Event Spectacular.

Puneet Wadhwani and his team offer full service from premises catering, social, corporate and non-profit events within Central and West London showcasing a dining experience that will entice and  engage guests, as they enjoy cuisines that in inspired by the interplay of flavors, ingredients and cultures. We are experts in street food with particular focus on live cooking and serving.

Whether you are planning a small office, a garden party, a birthday event or reception, Patri can offer you a multitude of choices and options, to accommodate your requirements and budget.

Each item on the menu is crafted by with only the finest ingredients, and find unique spins on classics, to offer your guests food that is not only delicious, but stylish and lip smacking.

We can orchestrate events where we bring you our signature dishes, plus whatever else you decide to choose from our menus.We are also happy to accommodate any culinary requests that will help you brand your event as a personal and unique statement of your entertaining style (Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, etc.).

We will work closely with you to tailor your event to your budget, paying particular attention to provide value in all our services. Our goal is to assure your money is well spent and customers enjoy what millions enjoy every day on the streets of India.

If you choose to dine in house, we offer special packages including selections from our popular cocktail and wine menus. You will enjoy the company of your guests while our chefs and a carefully trained staff care for your every need in our restaurants.

Contact us today and speak to Puneet directly on 07984777888